TM Client Side weapons downloads index


50mm machine gun 158KB
240mm 390KB
a bomb strike 91KB
aerial mine layer 214KB
after burner 408KB
angel strike 149KB
anvil 13KB
apollos bow 210KB
arc welder 23KB
artillery 32KB
battletank weapon 166KB
bazooka 215KB
beelzebubs fury 103KB
bomb lobber 89KB
chaffmaster3000 77KB
Cdough powerup 22KB
chocolate chip 374KB
color laser 2b 43KB
distructo disk 180KB
death ray 96KB
da torch 146KB
das mirv two 125KB
das tornado 546KB
deflector 222KB
djinni 744KB
dragon lords 256KB
egun 16KB
elf launcher 386KB
electric shock 97KB
flame wave blaster 62KB
fire cannon 49KB
flaming boulder 157KB
golem 57KB
great wall 68KB
grenade bomb 74KB
hellspawn 607KB
homing missile 3KB
holy hand grenade 642KB
hyper chip 374KB
ice mine layer 11KB
kamehameha 17KB
lasers 33KB
land shark 340KB
laser gattling gun 79KB
little boy 58KB
love gun 156KB
magma flamer 47KB
midnight 529KB
mirv 388KB
mortar 527KB
napalm jet gun 38KB
npl 92KB
nuke layer 123KB
paper plane 137KB
plasma mine shooter 130KB
plasma shovel 8KB
plasma mine launcher 58KB
power ball launcher 107KB
plasma storm 95KB
plasma wave launcher 99KB
penguins 202KB
quad 29KB
rad mine layer 81KB
ram 35KB
rand weapon 8KB
renzoku blast 119KB
sam weapon 1.4MB
saw 12KB
sdi 44KB
shield generator 14KB
shockwave 19KB
thermo nuker 477KB
thors hammer 169KB
tri nukes 12KB
true laser 12KB
tree gun 43KB
vulcan cannon 62KB
wave motion cannon 17KB
xdriver 32KB
xhornets 24KB
yueri mole 47KB
zyon cannon 17KB
zyon phaser 29KB
zyon shockwave 290KB
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and just so people know...
and don't get funny ideas in their heads....
i, mikey, aka harmless,
did not do any of the mods.
other people,
who are more talented than i could ever hope to be,
did all of the map modifications that are listed here.
get them!
download them!
enjoy them!
treadmarks is an awesome game.

here are some gratuitous links to other TM sites
the official treadmarks forum at LongBow Digital Arts, yeah!!
the death match federation forum, enter the matrix now!!
the Lone Wolf Alliance treadmarks forum, ehh, whatever.
w00t... the Golden Ants treadmarks forum, pfffftt
the official home of treadmarks : LongBow Digital Arts
coax's excellent TM site, what more could you want !?!?!
the death match federation main entrance
TM user modded maps, weapons, tanks, etc download index
an explanation of a TM DDM [aka] a TreadMarks Deadliest Death Match
a list of clans for treadmarks at the death match federation
go here if you would like to join the death match federation
they also sponsor the games Battlezone, Breed, Bandits, and BF 1942,


go ahead... email me... like i care ;-)   mikey{:-)
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