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CTF map list all CTF maps : 9.87MB all CTF maps : 10.6MB
Race map list all Race maps : 7.26MB all Race maps : 7.46MB
client side weapons list all client side weapons : 14.9MB all client side weapons : 15.3MB
SSO weapons list all SSO weapons : 267KB all SSO weapons : 243KB
steel tanks list all steel tanks : 5.32MB all steel tanks : 5.87MB
liquid tanks list all liquid tanks : 1.52MB all liquid tanks : 1.84MB
specialty tanks list all specialty tanks : 2.76MB all specialty tanks : 2.86MB
SSO tanks list all SSO tanks : 11.5KB all SSO tanks : 9.49KB
stock tank skins list unused tanks / more stock skins : 10.2MB unused tanks / more stock skins : 10.1MB
DM maps enhanced list all DM enhanced maps : 10MB all DM enhanced maps : 9.96MB
DM maps ice list all DM ice maps : 2.48MB all DM ice maps : 2.5MB
DM maps other list all misc DM maps : 4.97MB all misc DM maps : 4.97MB
DM maps pack1 list DM maps - pack1 :: 23.6MB DM maps - pack1 :: 23.7MB
DM maps pack2 list DM maps - pack2 :: 22.5MB DM maps - pack2 :: 22.7MB
DM maps pack3 list DM maps - pack3 :: 21.8MB DM maps - pack3 :: 23.9MB
disclaimer and notes: the above packs were put together in mid march 2004. i'm sure i forgot some things here or there, or there might be questions as to how i categorized or how i labeld maps and such ... anyway, it is a best effort on my part to be all inclusive and to try to be correct. i still don't play TM mods much, but i don't mind keeping the archives for others enjoyment. if there are ommisions or additions, they will be added to a new download, which will be below this notice. that way, i don't have to re-upload very large files. also, if anyone is wondering, the flashing border is done with javascript. it was a free script i found and i wanted to try it out. toodles, lwa-harmless


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2 changes to make to the
TreadMarks config.cfg file

#to enable in game screen captures
#by pressing the F12 key
#add to the bottom of the config.cfg file
#found in C:\Program Files\Tread Marks 1.5 folder
#or where ever you installed TM
#the following 3 lines
#Animation frame saving. (F12)
AnimDir = c:\TempShots\tank
AnimFPS = 15
#remember though, to press the F12 key twice!
#press F12 once, and you start a non stop series
#of in game screen captures.
#press F12 a second time to stop it.
#create a folder called TempShots on your C: drive
#TM will save screen captures as bmp files, so they
#are large.  the saved bmp files will be numbered
#tank00001.bmp, tank00002.bmp, etc. etc.
#screen captures are good for bragging rights :)
#also notice this entry in the config.cfg file
LogFileActive = 1
LogFileName = "tank.log"
#by default, it is set to 1
#so a log file is created and grows and grows
#every time you play treadmarks
#to deactivate the log file
#set to 0
LogFileActive = 0
#or comment it out with a pound sign
#LogFileActive = 1
#LogFileName = "tank.log"

and just so people know...
and don't get funny ideas in their heads....
i, mikey, aka harmless,
did not do any of the mods.
other people,
who are more talented than i could ever hope to be,
did all of the modifications that are listed here.
get them!
download them!
enjoy them!
treadmarks is an awesome game.

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the official home of treadmarks : LongBow Digital Arts
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go here if you would like to join the death match federation
they also sponsor the games Battlezone, Breed, Bandits, and BF 1942,


go ahead... email me... like i care ;-)   mikey{:-)
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