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Screen Paver by Michael Lindell
screen paver setup1
screen paver setup2
screen paver setup3
screen paver setup5
homepage for Screen Paver by Michael Lindell
i've been going round and round the web for a couple of years now and seen a lot of
pictures that i like. now let me say that any picture that i've snagged i use solely for
my own personal enjoyment, on my own computer, and will never be resold, distributed, or altered
in any way or matter for any kind or form of personal gain. and this should be your policy too!
a lot of graphic artists put their works on the web for our enjoyment, and that's all it should be,
our personal enjoyment.
with that being said,
i derive my enjoyment from using my several hundred images in this screensaver.
screen paver will display an unlimited number of images in either sequential or random order.
and you can specify all of the directories where your images are.
so you can sort your images any way you like and still use them all with this program.
pretty darn cool if you ask me!!
screen paver is shareware, but it is fully functioning with no nags!!!
i got it, used it, and liked it, and since i've been working for the last 6 months
i paid my $10 to register the program with the author!
it's a good program, well written, and works as advertised! what more do you want!
it will display images in either .jpg or .bmp formats
if the image is large, you should really convert it to .jpg format anyway.
there is a huge difference in file size between the two formats; just grab a copy
of irfan image viewer and do a batch conversion from .bmp to .jpg
simple! you'll save a ton of disk space this way!
in any event, get the program,
get some pics, and enjoy.
please visit the homepage if you get the chance.
the current version is 2.2 (i think)
grab the program from me.
download ScreenPaver v1.7 - 551 KB zipped
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