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pat32 by Mike Irvine
pat32 image1
pat32 image2
pat32 image3
pat32 image4
pat32 image5
pat32 settings
homepage for the collection of screensavers that pat32 was? is? a apart of : by Mike Irvine
i feel this is another work (and or) office friendly screensaver.
the secretary at my work said that pat32 reminds her of easter eggs.
pat32 is, however, shareware, but it is fully functioning with absolutely
no nag screens. pat32 comes in a grouping of screensavers. what i have is, something
like, version 1 of the collection, which is now up to version 4. actually, i'm not even sure
if pat32 is part of the collection anymore. {pat32 was the only one i liked though}
anyway, this is how i feel about it...
so what if it's an old version, it works well and looks good!
what more could you want!!!!!
download pat32 (aka pattern32) by Mike Irvine - 32.2 KB zipped
and enjoy!
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