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mikeys logos
startup logo
wait screen logo
shutdown logo
download the logo screens for win95, win98, and winME : 234KB zipped
please note that i did not design, draw, or create these pictures.
at one time in my life, i downloaded a whole bunch of themes and these
logo images. someone else put the time in to create them, and for that,
i thank them. they were released as freeware, so get them and enjoy!
the download file has these 3 images named logo.sys, logow.sys, and logos.sys
unzip the file anywhere that pleases you, and then copy
logo.sys to the C:\    folder [aka the root folder]
logow.sys to the C:\windows    folder
logos.sys to the C:\windows    folder
that's it, now when you reboot, startup, or shutdown your computer,
you should see these images instead of the windows default
this works with win95, win98, and winME
if you are the cautious type,
rename the 3 files first before you copy over them.
and choose any name that you like that will help you remember.
please note that if you have an ATX motherboard and case,
the computer shuts itself off automatically, so you will never see the
last 2 images. as of today (Sunday, September 30, 2001), i still use the
older style AT motherboards and cases, so i have to turn the computer off myself.
but that's ok, since i still get to see my chosen logo screens.
so much for embracing the new technology....

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