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melody wav player by arkadiy istomin
about box
drive listing
file system navigation
wav file listing
about button
exit button
forward button
next button
previous button
rewind button
stop button
download melody wav player by arkadiy istomin - 193KB zipped
okokok... so i went overboard with the screenshots.
this russian guy writes pretty slick programs.
it's a single click interface and plays wav files.
it's not rocket science,
but melody does work well and is pleasing on the eyes.
a right click navigates up the file system
and a left click will either open the chosen folder or play the chosen file
very easy to get used to, and spoils you quickly.
this is freeware,
but last time i checked, melody and his other programs are now shareware.
moving the mouse cursor over the buttons highlight its function.
get it and enjoy!
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