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La Fonta by G.U.E.S.
la fonta options 1
la fonta options 2
la fonta running
la fonta about box
homepage for La Fonta by G.U.E.S.
clever program description goes here....
yup, it's so clever, i took everything from the readme file!!
La Fonta shows 3D-beveled text messages. Customize text, fonts, colors, bevels, lighting, and motion type to create your own fancy logos. La Fonta has an ability to communicate with painting programs via Clipboard. It can be used as a quick & dirty logo creation add-on to painting software.
Run SetupLF.exe to install. Installation requires 135-192 kb of free space in Windows folder. Uninstall the program using "Control Panel"-"Add/Remove Programs".
well, that's it... actually,
i like screensaver at work, type in the name of your company,
choose your font and style, and you have one boss pleasing screensaver!
anyway, enjoy!
visit the homepage [a must]  or   download here! 97 KB zipped
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