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mikey's java applets list
java applets list
download mikey's java applets from page of evil 2 : 8 java applets, 693KB zipped!
such a deal! 8 applets in one download and they're all freeware!
each applet also has an html page that is already configured to click and run!
this is just to give you an idea on how you can set it up for yourself.
the html page will be either from the author or from my page, i don't really
remember what i stuck in each folder.
but do remember to preserve the directory path when you unzip each of the files!
otherwise it will be one big mess!!!
now here is where almost every single web site i've been to would recommend winzip.
please, do me a favor, save your money and download a freeware zip utility.
geesh, i don't know what is so special about winzip anyway. it unzips files, big deal.
so do 20 other programs out there! i've listed the 3 zip programs i like on this page
they're free and they do an excellent job! the "free form" web has such a one track mind sometimes!
it's the same thing with mp3 players, everybody says winamp winamp winamp. give me a break!
is every mp3 player out there crap and winamp is the only good player? i don't think so!!
anyway, enough ranting about mindless herd mentality, zipping utilities, and mp3z
about the applets, if they just don't seem to work, give me an email: help!
and we'll work through setting them up together. it's actually not hard to do. hey, i did it.
anyway, enjoy!
circle.gif: back to mikey{:-)'s deepwell freeware downloads!