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irfan image viewer v2.85 by irfan skiljan
about box
viewer in use
resize function
print options
menu options
image options
download irfan image viewer v2.85 by irfan skiljan - 312KB zipped
this, my friends, is the program that i have consistently used more than
any other program, on my computer, over the years.
it loads quickly, and allows you to associate it as your default viewer.
this is especialy useful when you install programs that steal away some of
those associations. i just fire up irfan and re-associate. simple and it works.
and it has keyboard shortcuts... the space bar loads the next picture in a folder, and
the backspace key loads the previous picture in a folder.
and you can use it to crop and edit pictures. very intuitive to figure out
small, simple to use, and.... actually.... a pleasure to use.
it is because of programs like irfan viewer that i still look for useful freeware.
get it and enjoy!
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